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David Beckham reveals Chinese tattoo on his torso

5th April 2013

On his recent visit to Peking University in China, British footballer David Beckham gladly lifted up his shirt to show off his exhibitionist body art after being asked by one of the students during his talk.

The tattoo which covers the left side of his torso is written in Chinese hanzi script and is said to read: “Life and death are determined by fate, rank and riches decreed by Heaven.” Showing off his torso was one successful way of diverting attention away from his embarrassing slip-up out on the football field just a few days before.

The 37 year old has at least 20 tattoos adorning his body and it’s clear to see that his obsession with getting his skin permanently inked has grown throughout the years. “Everybody's got a way of expressing their feelings, and mine is through my tattoos” says Beckham.

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