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April's alcohol awareness month

17th April 2013

The month of April also known as Alcohol Awareness Month sees us seriously assessing our alcohol consumption. Although we told you previously that having a glass of red wine could have great benefits on your skin, this is, of course only in moderation.

Alcohol Awareness Month is predominantly big in America and raises awareness of the negative effects of alcohol on individuals, families and communities. With statistics showing us that youths who drink before age 15 are five times more likely to have alcohol problems in adulthood, we should take our stance on alcohol quite seriously.

However, what we're most interested in here at sk:n is the negative effect that alcohol abuse can have on our skin. We are all aware of the dehydrating effect that alcohol can have, but there are also many other negatives that come with it.

Puffy Appearance

Alcohol can leave you feeling bloated and is one of the main causes for weight gain around the face. Along with this puffy appearance around the face and stomach it's also closely related with contributing towards the development of cellulite. Don't worry as here at sk:n we have some brilliant expert skin treatments to help combat the signs of dull and puffy skin.


For some people, a glass of wine or a sip of beer can lead to an instant hot flush. However, even for those who don't immediately notice a reaction to alcohol, drinking heavily over time can have a seriously detrimental effect on your skin and lead to rosacea. If you're noticing a constant flushing when you drink then click here to see what rosacea treatments we can offer you.

Treat Alcohol Awareness Month as a time to seriously reconsider your alcohol intake and the effect on your skin. It's not too late to reverse the damage so simply click here and come in for a free consultation.

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