Blogs from April 2013

  • Cosmetic Crisis of Cowboy Clinics

    If you've seen today's news then it comes as no surprise that dermal fillers and other non-surgical procedures, carried out by untrained and unregulated clinics are putting you at serious risk.... read more

  • Can anti-ageing injections™ Cure Depression?

    anti-ageing injections™ is one of the most popular non-surgical anti-ageing treatments. Similar to Juvederm, anti-ageing injections™ involves injecting small, safe doses of botulinum toxin into facial muscles, which paralyses facial muscles to create a smoother appearance of wrinkles and lines.... read more

  • What's the difference between C02RE and Juvederm?

    First things first, what does each treatment involve? C02RE uses high-tech laser energy to target both superficial and deeper layers of your skin to promote facial rejuvenation.... read more

  • Lunchtime Legs? Thread Vein Removal

    The recent spell of warm weather is making us daydream about being outdoors, and of more tropical climates. Baring your legs is a sure sign that the sun is finally out, and we all want to make the most of it.... read more

  • Importance of Exercise for the Skin

    The London Marathon took place on Sunday, 21st April and we saw thousands of people run the full 26.2 miles to raise money for national charities.... read more

  • Importance of Wearing Sunglasses

    We're certainly glad to be seeing more and more sunshine. Spring is finally in the air meaning that summer is on its way.... read more

  • Anti-Ageing Cocktails-Recipes Here!

    The sun is out, and we bet you fancy a cocktail party, right? How would you feel if the cocktails had anti-ageing benefits? Yes, that's right this is the new trend for parties, with cocktails that can help you fight the effects of ageing.... read more

  • May Bank Holiday- Relaxing Day Off - A Long Weekend of Pampering

    We know how dull the last few months may have been for everyone, constant disappointing weather, leaving us all feeling a bit lifeless.... read more

  • Have You Noticed Laughter Lines in April-Humour Month?

    April is National Humour Month, but are you capable of being funny enough to keep those around you laughing? Hopefully you're not concerned and stopping yourself from laughing, in the fear of developing wrinkles.... read more

  • Bikini Season - Get Hair Free and be Confident

    The sun has finally come out this week which has got some of us very excited about the summer. Swimming in the sea, sitting by the pool, walking through continental high streets, drinking outdoors, and showing off our summer wardrobes.... read more

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