Skin conditions for darker skin tones

13th September 2012  : 

While skin conditions affect people of all ethnicities, men and women with darker skin sometimes have extra problems to contend with. Firstly, some conditions are just more common for darker skin.

However, even when skin conditions aren't any more common they can sometimes be harder to treat or more obvious, sometimes causing embarrassment or low-self esteem.

Most Suitable Treatments for Darker Skin

Despite these problems, there are plenty of skin treatments that are suitable for darker skin, whether it's to reduce scars from acne or even out discolouration. For example, a Mandelic Peel is a type of chemical peel that works particularly well on darker skin - just a couple of its benefits include reducing acne outbreaks and tackling discolouration.

However, such a peel won't do much to combat existing scarring. One of the best ways to treat more serious scars from acne is with laser resurfacing. However, as with any treatment, some are better than others for different skin types. So which laser resurfacing treatment is best for dark skin?

Most professionals agree that Fraxel laser treatment is best as it's suitable for all skin types, although a consultation is always recommendable anyway. The laser only targets the scarred skin, removing it to make way for new, healthy, smooth and fresh-looking skin.

This type of laser resurfacing can do a lot more than simply treat acne scarring however. As well as reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, it can help make your skin texture more even and treat pigmentation.

Whether you want to treat pigmentation or acne scars, a consultation with someone experienced in providing these dermatological treatments should be your first step. They will be able to advise you about what treatment are best, depending on your skin type and condition, allowing you to benefit from the best outcome possible.

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