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Keeping your skin safe during pregnancy

7th September 2012  : 

Whilst being the most exciting period of your life, there is no denying that pregnancy can be a difficult time for your skin.

For the first time in your life it might seem like your face is under attack from not just one skin condition but multiple skin conditions, all fighting for the opportunity to make you feel run down. Let's look at three common skin problems that occur during pregnancy, and how best to fend them off.


Also known as the 'mask of pregnancy', cholasma is a skin condition caused by a build-up of progesterone and estrogen in the skin's melanin cells. The outcome is unsightly, slightly worrying brownish/yellowish patches around the eyes, forehead, nose and cheeks. Whilst there are no skin treatments that specifically deal with cholasma, it is possible to avoid the condition by staying out of direct sunlight.


If there is one aspect of younger looking skin that you wouldn't wish for, then it's the acne that plagued you in your teens. Unfortunately though, the added stress that pregnancy brings about can often manifest itself in a breakout of acne. The solution is quite simple. Steer clear of abrasive exfoliants because your skin is extra sensitive during pregnancy.

Instead, choose something like a mild oatmeal scrub, which will gently unblock those oily pores and help keep acne at bay.

Stretch Marks

Just who are the lucky 10% who get away without suffering from stretch marks? That's right, around 90% of women suffer stretch marks during the final three months of pregnancy.

Whilst they can be unsightly at the time, given their vivid purplish appearance, it is important to realise that they will fade in time and become more-or-less unnoticeable.

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