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Jennifer Aniston - How does her skin look so radiant

27th September 2012  : 

It is not uncommon to look at celebrities with envy - whether it's their hair, wardrobe or healthy looking skin, we would all like a piece of their lives.

Jennifer Aniston is no exception - the actress is known for her dewy skin, but just how does she achieve it?

Well the truth is that Jennifer has not always had enviable skin. In fact, she often suffers from sun spots and other imperfections that viewers often can't see on camera.

The Friends star admitted on the Conan show in the US that she now has skin treatments to deal with the problem - and has never looked back. Skin peels are her treatment of choice and the 43-year-old believes the results are more than worth it.

"Its like baby skin", she said in reference to her face. The best part is that skin peels and chemical peels are not only the reserve of celebrities - they are available in clinics here in the UK.

Skin peels leave your face appearing smoother and fresher, while reducing the signs of sun damage that stars such as Jennifer Aniston admit to suffering from. Not only this, they can help address uneven skin tone and remove dead and damaged skin cells.

As for chemical peels, there are various different types available. In most cases, they will be classified as light, medium or deep, depending on your needs.

Chemical peels work by taking away the top layer of the skin and can be a great way of minimising fine lines, wrinkles, discolouration, age spots and even dryness.

Speaking to a skin expert is the best way to determine which skin treatment is best for your needs and will leave you glowing like Jennifer Aniston before you know it!

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