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How can laser treatments help skin repair

18th September 2012  : 

Unfortunately damaged skin is something that affects a lot of us. Whether we have sun damaged skin, scars resulting from acne, or problems resulting from other skin conditions, they generally have the same effect on us - they make us feel self-conscious, unconfident, and unhappy.

Some people assume that they can't afford skin repair, or that it involves invasive treatments. However, sk:n clinics offer non-surgical treatments that are a cost-effective way of restoring your skin to its natural beauty and health.

Treatments for Repairing Skin Damage

Some people might find that anti-wrinkle injections, skin peels or microdermabrasion treatments are effective enough to leave them looking and feeling rejuvenated. For more severe skin damage, laser treatments offer a targeted treatment with breath-taking results.

People with sun damaged skin have two main options - laser resurfacing or Fraxel laser treatment. Laser resurfacing works by using thermal energy to shed the outer layers of your skin, which in turn promotes the growth of your own new skin.

In the hands of professionals, such laser treatment is very straightforward. Competent practitioners should also be able to thoroughly explain how to look after yourself in the days following laser resurfacing, and arrange a follow up appointment a week later to ensure everything is going smoothly.

Fraxel laser treatments work on a similar principle - light energy safely helps resurface the skin's top layer by stimulating the production of naturally occurring collagen. As the laser works with your natural skin cells, you can usually see the effects of your fresher, healthier skin within 1-3 weeks.

While both laser treatments provide excellent outcomes, one will usually be better for your skin type and condition. A consultation with an expert in the field will help determine what the best plan of action is for you - and from that point you can look forward to your skin returning to its former beauty.

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