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Five skin care myths

30th September 2012  : 

There are numerous myths surrounding skin conditions and the cause and treatment of them so below are five of them:

1. Sunscreen and Sun Bathing

It is not correct that sunscreen can damage your skin. On the contrary, if you did not put sunscreen on your body when sun bathing your skin will have no protection from the suns rays that can be very harmful. You should use a sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30.

2. Exfoliating Cause Acne Breakouts

On the contrary, exfoliating helps to remove the skin cells that have died and stops your pores getting clogged up. Pores that accumulate dirt and bacteria can cause acne so, by exfoliating, the renewal of skin cells is speeded up and it helps keep your pours clear and clean.

Don't Hide Your Blemishes

Many people are under the misconception that to cover up any skin blemishes will cause the affected area to flare up due to the pores being clogged up. This may happen if you use make up that is designed for those people fortunate to have normal skin but not if you use a concealer designed for sensitive skin.

4. Toothpaste Dries Out Blemishes


Under no circumstances should toothpaste be used on your skin as it contains such things as whitening and bleaching agents that may irritate and burn your skin.

5. Acne and Teenagers

There is a misconception that only teenagers suffer from acne when in fact 20% of females between age 25 and 40 suffer from it. The causes vary from stress, makeup, poor diet, hormones and not washing your face correctly. Fortunately there are numerous skin treatments to deal with the situation and many make up products to hide the blemishes.

You will no doubt have heard of some other skin care myths but hopefully by listing the above ones is a help to you.

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