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Finding the perfect skin peel in Northampton

11th September 2012  : 

Looking for skin treatments in the Midlands? The sk:n clinic in Northampton offers skin and chemical peels that will help you look and feel years younger in minutes.

Whether you want to even out your skin tone, reduce the scarring left by acne or simply reduce wrinkles and fine lines, a range of peels is available to suit your individual needs.

Skin peel options

One of the most popular chemical peels is the Jessner's Peel. It's a fairly mild peel that's suitable for pretty much any skin type. The formula safely tackles acne, sun damage, and discolouration and wrinkles to leave you fresh-faced after just one treatment.

If you're after a skin peel that has been specially formulated to work effectively on sensitive or darker skin the Mandelic Peel is for you. This peel is both restorative and preventative, as it will reduce the appearance of fine lines, even out discolouration and make you skin smoother, while also helping to minimise further acne outbreaks.

The TCA Peel is perfect for people looking to treat skin problems such as age spots and rough patches. It works by using the principles of microdermabrasion: removing dead epidermal cells and the imperfections they hold to reveal the sparkling and smooth skin underneath.

Finally there's the Glycolic Peel, which works by exfoliating your dead skin cells so that new, healthier, brighter cells are encouraged to grow, while simultaneously stimulating collagen production. This peel is also great for treating acne scars, blemishes, sun spots and wrinkles, helping you feel more confident than ever.

To find out which chemical peel would be best for you book a consultation with a sk:n specialist today. They will be able to inform you how you will achieve the best results and can create a peel that is tailored specifically to the requirements of your skin.


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