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Expert tips for a perfect winter routine

23rd September 2012  : 

Many people are well aware of how important it is to take care of your skin during the summer months when strong sunlight can pose problems for your skin. However, it's just as important that you take good care of your skin during the winter months to ensure your skin looks young and stays healthy.

This is because during the colder months you're much more likely to put on the heating to keep warm, which dries out the skin. The lack of moisture in the skin means it is unable to heal itself as quickly, making it more susceptible to skin conditions such as eczema.

To prevent your skin from drying out, it's vital that you use appropriate skin care products. Moisturisers are essential to keep your skin hydrated. Many specialists recommend using oil-based products because the water in water-based moisturisers may actually freeze in your skin if the temperature is cold enough.

Even though it might be cold outside its still important that you use a moisturising cream with SPF if going outside as the sun is still capable of doing damage to your skin. In fact the sun is still capable of leaving you with skin pigmentation if you are exposed unprotected for long periods of time.

When it comes to skin care in winter, what you wear is just as important as the products you use. You should bear in mind that heavy synthetic fabrics or wool can cause irritation to your skin if there is an existing condition. Wearing multiple cotton layers is a much better way to keep warm for your skin.

If your everyday routine is still making you feel a bit drab you could always consider giving your skin a boost with a dermatological treatment. One of the most popular winter treatments is microdermabrasion. This works by gently exfoliating the skin to promote the growth of new skin cells, allowing your skin to glow in even the harshest of winter weather, and leaving you fresh and ready for spring.

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