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Don't let sun-damage ruin your Brighton beach holiday

1st September 2012  : 

Summer has finally hit British shores (about time too!) and if you live close to the shore, you'll be in for a treat with long, warm days spent lapping up the sun at the water's edge. Brighton has been one of the UK's premier beach destinations since Victorian times, so if you're looking for a holiday at home this year you won't get much better than this.

While the sun is viewed as a novelty in Britain, it doesn't mean you should skimp on the skin care. Many of us diligently apply sun cream while on foreign shores but completely ignore the possibility of sun damage while we're at home. That's why so many of us can claim our worst sunburn to have occurred outside our own front doors.

We all know sun damage is bad for our health, and can cause a range of skin conditions from unsightly skin pigmentation and wrinkles to life-threatening cancerous melanomas. That's why, if you want your skin to stay in a healthy condition, you must take precautions in the sun, wherever you are in the world.

Treatment Option

If you already have sun-damaged skin, rest assured there are treatments you can access to reduce the effects. Microdermabrasion for example, lessens the appearance of wrinkles and skin pigmentation, giving you a fresher, more youthful-looking glow that's ideal for make-up free days by the shore.

Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical way to achieve great results without the need for surgery or injections. By brushing microcrystals across the surface of your face, the process removes the top layer of cells to reveal newer, fresher skin. It causes no pain or discomfort and is even suitable for those with sensitive skin.

The treatment is also ideal for minimising acne scars, allowing you to feel more confident about the way you look at the beach this summer - even without makeup.

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