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Caring for clear new skin

8th September 2012  : 

Many people visit an expert dermatologist at our sk:n clinics to begin a course of laser tattoo removal treatments. It may be that they now regret having an otherwise permanent mark on their skin, or they could have simply grown tired of it. Whatever their reasons, we are on hand to assist everybody with our courses of safe laser treatments.

Laser tattoo removal is one of our very popular non-surgical treatments. We effectively use the special light from the laser to break up the ink in the skin, which the body then rids itself of through the immune system. A course of treatments will be needed for optimum results.

The skin must be cared for carefully for a period after laser tattoo removal treatments. The procedure itself is harmless, with local anaesthetic being applied to ease any stinging and any redness soon subsides. But because the treated area is far more sensitive than usual, at sk:n clinics we provide a special Laser Tattoo Removal Starter Pack, which includes:

  • sk:n Sunscreen SPF 30 (100ml) - A high factor sun block is always advised after treatment and this light, oil-free formulation will really protect your skin.
  • Avene Thermal Water Spray (150ml) - A beautifully soothing spray for hypersensitive or irritated skin.
  • Cu3 Intensive Tissue Repair Cream (1oz) - A restorative cream with active ingredients which promote enhanced post-procedure healing.sk:n Aloe Vera Gel (100ml) - The naturally soothing aloe vera calms and supports healthy skin.

This fabulous Tattoo Starter Pack, which is worth £40, comes free with 8 courses of sk:n clinic's Laser Tattoo Removal treatment. Look out for our other special offers and discounts for Laser Tattoo Removal and contact us to book a consultation.

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