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Why Asian skin is more prone to certain skin conditions

14th September 2012  : 

Studies have shown that Asians may be more prone to some skin conditions, such as skin pigmentation and acne scarring. So what exactly causes Asian skin to be more at risk from these conditions, and what can be done to treat it?

Scientists believe that the main reason Asian skin is more like to be scarred by acne is because the stratum corneum (that's simply the outermost layer of skin) is much thinner than in the skin of other ethnic groups. As well as increasing the chances of acne scarring, it also makes your skin much more sensitive to the environment and chemicals.

Skin Treatments for Asian skin

This means people with Asian skin must be more careful about the products they use and the treatments they undergo. Nevertheless, there are effective ways to tackle skin conditions such as acne scarring. A Mandelic Peel, for example, is a chemical peel that is designed to work well with darker tones and sensitive skin. Meanwhile Fraxel laser treatment is suitable for all skin types - it works by breaking up the damaged skin cells so new, healthy cells can grow in their place.

Pigmentation usually occurs in skin because the body produces too much or too little melanin when skin is exposed to the sun. Many Asian's will use products with a high SPF or try to avoid the sun at its strongest to try and prevent hyperpigmentation, which causes skin to appear darker. Again, it's important to treat Asian skin with care because of how sensitive it can be.

It's not all bad news - Asian skin generally has a thicker dermis and more collagen, which can delay signs of premature ageing. Nevertheless, many people affected by skin conditions such as acne scarring and pigmentation will understandably desire treatment. People seeking treatment should remember the importance of going to a recognised clinic that is able to advise yo u on a suitable course of action for your skin's individual needs.

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