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A facial that will protect you from the cold

3rd September 2012  : 

Choosing the right type of facial can prove tricky. You read one thing in a magazine, another thing online, someone says this, another that.

With so much conflicting advice, making an informed decision can seem impossible. It is possible to narrow down your options though, which makes it a great deal easier to choose the procedure that's going to be healthiest for your skin.

Right now it's important to realise that we're heading quickly towards autumn. Along with this seasonal shift comes a drop in temperature and a need to be wary of the impact this'll have on our skin. It would be nice to throw caution to the wind and bank on an Indian summer, but realistically we know the unlikelihood of this.

For a facial that's going to provide you with sufficient protection when the cold weather snaps, consider opting for what is perhaps the least invasive non-surgical skin treatment, and doubtless one of the more impactful - consider opting for Thermage.

Thermage CPT (comfort pulse technology), is a type of facial that comes with practically no downtime, no pain and no discomfort. Via the use of radio frequency heating, the skin around the face is gently heated. This process - amazingly - warms the collagen in the face, which has a tightening effect.

So, by the end of this relatively quick and quite pleasurable procedure, the skin around the face is visibly more taut. No incisions have been made, no layer of skin has been removed and no lengthy recuperation time is needed. Speak to a skin care specialist about Thermage today, and keep your skin looking great through the cold months, whilst fully protected.

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