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Want younger looking skin? Dermaroller could help

30th October 2012  : 

While the principle behind Dermaroller therapy has been popular in parts of Asia for thousands of years, people in Europe and North America have only relatively recently begun to enjoy the benefits of younger, healthier looking skin without injections or chemical peels. The advantages of Dermaroller therapy over other anti-wrinkle treatments is clear - nothing artificial being applied or injected to the skin, and no damage to the epidermis. So how does Dermaroller therapy make skin look younger?

A Dermaroller, and its tiny micro-needles, is applied to the skin, causing thousands of small wounds on the outermost layer of skin. While these wounds cause micro-bleeding, there is minimal discomfort because of an anaesthetic cream that is applied to the skin. The body immediately gets to work repairing the damaged skin, which includes the production of collagen and elastin, which is responsible for helping skin stay full and firm.

While Dermaroller therapy is popular amongst people looking to get rid of fine lines, it isn't only useful as a wrinkle treatment. It can also be effective in the fight against acne scarring and reducing the appearance of large pores. Many people have also found that Dermaroller therapy is a great way to even out skin texture, making it an ideal way to tackle stretch marks and cellulite.

One of the best things about Dermaroller therapy is how versatile is. The Dermaroller can be applied pretty much anywhere, as long as the skin isn't inflammatory, including sensitive areas such as the face. Meanwhile, Dermaroller therapy, unlike some other anti-wrinkle treatments, can be used on all skin types and for people of all races.

There are some side effects of Dermaroller therapy, but they are much milder than other skin treatments that produce similar results. In fact you'll be back to normal within about two days - well, you'll be back to better than normal actually.

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