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The beauty benefits of drinking green tea

4th October 2012  : 

There’s not many of us who can get through the day without at least a few cups of Rosie Lee, but did you know that by breaking up the caffeine binge with a few mugs of green tea can have immeasurable health and beauty benefits.

What Makes Green Tea so Special?

Green tea is a uniquely wonderful gift from nature that can be used for all manner of natural treatments which will have a surprisingly positive effect on both the body and mind. This fantastic green beverage has been used for centuries to promote both health and beauty. The inspiring thing about green tea is, although it works many of its miracles deep inside the body, just as many benefits occur on the outside, which should make it first in the line when it comes to compiling your skin care products shopping list.

What can Green Tea do?

Studies have demonstrated that the regular consumption of green tea can not only combat obesity but lower your overall level of bad cholesterol. How? Well green tea contains chemical substances called polyphenois which are integral in dissolving fatty substances contained within the body. Green tea also contains EGGG which accelerates both metabolism and weight loss.

Tea for Teeth

A beautiful smile full of healthy white teeth positively radiates good health and attractiveness, and guess what? One of the antibacterial properties found in green tea can kill the bacteria that creates plaque and it is also associated with protecting against gum disease.

Skin Deep

Green teas anti-bacterial properties are also hugely effective in fighting acne bacteria. Antioxidants found in the tea destroy free radicals which damage skin tissue and leave it prone to outbreaks of acne. They can also regulate hormonal level and prevent the reoccurrence of future bouts of acne. Last but not least, green tea can actually reverse the ageing process by preventing cell oxidation which damages your skin tissue and can give you a prematurely aged and worn appearance.

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