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Seal the deal with a skin peel

14th October 2012  : 

A skin peel sounds scary doesn't it? Thoughts of your skin peeling off, doesn't necessarily translate to lovely refreshing thoughts of feeling liberated and cleansed. But in reality, that's exactly what it does do. A skin peel is actually a brilliant way to rejuvenate tired looking skin giving you a fresher appearance. So, what's not to like?

The most popular skin peels at sk:n include glycolic or a salicylic skin peels. Each has its own attributes and all of them work in a unique way to provide a different outcome. But, if you have a wedding planned for the end of the year and you're preparing yourself for the big day, a skin peel is a great option. You want to look amazing and you don't want your skin to let you down and a glycolic skin peel is a great way to ensure that your skin is looking fresh and wonderful when you walk down the aisle.

A simple glycolic peel for example basically feels the same as having a deep exfoliation. Glycolic acid is a naturally occurring acid found in sugar cane and this substance gentle dissolves and removes dead skin cells on the surface of the skin leaving it clearer and cleaner.

There are a whole range of peels that offer different results and involve varying ingredients; from low strength exfoliating peels like glycolic, to medium strength peels like mandelic and salicylic or stronger peels that penetrate the skin deeper like a TCA peel. There is a skin peel to suit all occasions and all expectations.

If you're seeking information on how to improve and rejuvenate your skin then contact sk:n by calling one of their helpful team on 0800 028 7222, or alternatively, visit sknclinics.co.uk

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