Remove your unibrow for good

8th October 2012  : 

In Western culture, the unibrow or monobrow is often perceived as making a person untrustworthy, ugly, fierce, grumpy, or overtly academic. There are many clich├ęs surrounding the condition, but only two things are definite - it's much more common than you might think and most people who have a unibrow want to get rid of it.

What is a Unibrow?

The presence of abundant hair between the eyebrows which gives the appearance of one uniform eyebrow is a unibrow. For years, many people have felt compelled to disguise the condition through a number of time consuming and painful techniques. Thanks to technological advancements in hair removal and laser treatments, those methods have been rendered redundant, because laser hair removal ensures that you can remove your unibrow for good.

Why Conventional Unibrow Treatments Just do not Work

Imagine the pain of having to pick, pull, and pluck your eyebrows day in and day out with a pair of tweezers just to disguise your unibrow. How time consuming and how unnecessary that can be. Consider also the awful pink razor burn that could reside permanently between your eyes and announces to the world, "I’m a unibrow concealer!" Because in all seriousness, what other explanation could there be. And as for waxing your unibrow, you may all well forget about it, because as all of us know, when you wax hair, it always comes back, darker, thicker, and stronger than ever before. So what are we to do?

Laser Treatments

Laser hair removal has come along in leaps and bounds in the last couple of decades. It's no longer painful and it doesn't leave scars, providing it's carried out by a qualified dermatologist. You can book yourself into a clinic and have your unibrow removed for good in one convenient and painless session. You know it makes sense. You're improving your looks, saying goodbye to unnecessary pain, inconvenience and embarrassment, and most importantly you're making a positive step to ditch the Mr Spock look once and for all. Beam me up Scotty!


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