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Protecting your skin against the cold weather

9th October 2012  : 

People might not think that summer in this country is particularly warm, but that all changes when you compare it to the low temperatures that creep up on us in autumn in preparation for freezing winter weather. The cold weather can be particularly harsh on our skin if we don't protect it appropriately, leaving us looking dull, tired and even older.

It's important that we bear in mind the effect central heating has on our skin. While it might leave us feeling warmer, it can also dry out the skin. Unless our skin is properly hydrated it can't repair itself properly, meaning that every little irritation could become a bigger problem.

There are skin care products that can easily solve this problem. You'll need a moisturiser that's a little thicker than the one you're used to - one that's designed for cold weather. Moisturising immediately after a bath or shower to prevent dehydrated skin is also important.

The lips in particular need to be kept moisturised as they can easily become chapped or cracked, which as well as being rather unsightly is very painful. Consider a lip balm with SPF protection - yes, you still need to protect your skin from the sun when it's cold.

While some people think that SPF isn't particularly important when the sun isn't shining so brightly, because wind usually accompanies the colder months this couldn't be further from the truth. Heavy wind can remove the UV filtering lipids from our skin, accelerating sunburn. This is why it's essential that we make up for the loss of these lipids with creams that block the suns UV rays.

Of course, if you don't protect your skin from the sun you run the risk of developing skin conditions in later life. While aesthetically displeasing issues such as pigmentation can be treated with a straightforward microdermabrasion procedure, there could be more serious consequences that arise from not protecting your skin.

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