How to reduce the appearance of crows-feet

28th October 2012  : 

If you want to stop yourself getting crow's feet you might find it difficult to stop doing the things that cause the fine lines - things like smiling, squinting or even sleeping. Meanwhile, if you're unlucky enough to have genes that make you more likely to develop pronounced crows feet you cant change them. Even if you don't have those genes, everyone has to contend with the damaging effects of sun exposure. However, there are effective ways to delay or even reduce the appearance of crows feet.

Firstly, you can take steps to minimise the damage that the sun does by wearing a sunscreen lotion to filter out the UV rays and sunglasses to stop you squinting in the bright light. Making sure to drink plenty of water and using a hydrating moisturising cream with anti-ageing ingredients can also help to reduce the severity of crows feet.

If you're after a more aggressive way to tackle crows feet you could consider a skin treatment such as microdermabrasion or chemical peels. These safe dermatological treatments exfoliate the skin - they get rid of the dead skin cells allowing new healthier, smoother cells to grow in their place. However, while this may delay crows feet from developing it certainly won't reverse the visible signs of the fine lines that are already bookending your eyes. To reverse the effects you'll need anti-wrinkle injections.

Many people use an anti-wrinkle treatment such as Botox to reduce the appearance of forehead lines, but this wrinkles treatment is just as good for smoothing the skin around the eyes. Just bear in mind that because of how sensitive the eye area is, it's even more important that you ensure whoever administers your Botox injection is sufficiently trained and has the necessary skills and qualifications to provide the treatment. That way you'll be guaranteed to leave with younger, healthier looking eyes.

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