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How to awaken tired eyes

19th October 2012  : 

If you find yourself looking like you're still half asleep when you turn up to work, or often think you look like you should be getting ready for bed instead of a night out then it's time you did something about your tired looking eyes. From natural remedies to make-up and dermatological skin treatments, there are plenty of ways to put the sparkle back in your eyes.

Natural remedies

Everyone's heard about the home remedies that help eliminate dark circles under the eyes and puffy skin. Cold teaspoons, cucumber slices and cooled herbal teabags are all said to help leave your face looking brighter. Other people recommend that gentle massaging the under eye area can help soothe inflamed areas under the eyes. While some people swear by these methods, for others a slice of cucumber isn't going to solve their problems.


Other people use make up to try and reduce the signs of tired eyes. Whether it's using white eyeliner under the lower lashes to brighten the eyes or simply using extra mascara to take focus away from the lower eyelid, make up can be a fast and simple solution for getting rid of tired eyes. However, make-up is a short term solution and could even end up causing further damage to the appearance of your eyes - concealers may clog pores for example while removing the make up could aggravate the skin.

Skin treatments

Then there are anti-wrinkle treatments. These are very effective ways of dealing with tired eyes, although skin treatments are more expensive than high street skin care products or natural remedies. However, there's no denying that anti-wrinkle injections such as Botox or chemical peels can have a dramatic and lasting effect on your eyes. Just remember that your eyes are very sensitive, so any treatments should be administered by professionals.

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