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Don't let the cost of laser hair removal put you off

12nd October 2012  : 

We don't want you to get your calculator out right now but if you actually spent the time to work out how much you have spent on hair removal since you first started maintaining your appearance, you'd be quite shocked at the sum of money you've spent!

Okay, so it differs from person to person because some people spend a lot more money on grooming. Whether you shave, or you spend more money on waxing and plucking, you'll realize that over a course of a year you'd spend enough money to have a weekend break away.

Laser hair removal is another way of removing hair but don't be put off by the initial outlay as a course of six treatments costs between £400 and £1,000 for the duration. But wait, once you've finished your course of treatments you can sit back and relax because the results of laser hair removal range from 60% to 85% in hair reduction. You'll be able to say goodbye to waxing and shaving and hello to long lasting smooth skin.

More and more people are choosing laser hair removal each year for many different reasons. From people just becoming bored of having to shave twice a week, to people looking to save money in the long run, many across the country are beginning to make the decision to go ahead with laser hair removal for their own reasons.

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