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Do not fear; injectables are here

11th October 2012  : 

Up to now, people have always found talking about whether they have had Botox treatment as a taboo. Women and men across the country were conservative about their skin care and took great offence to people asking them 'have you had any work done?' but this trend is beginning to change.

Injectable treatments have now become more and more popular. As we continue to develop our tastes for trends and continually digest as much of the celebrity culture as we can, our habits, in turn, are also changing. Reality TV and social media has allowed us to penetrate deeper into the depths of celebrities lives meaning we now know more about what they get up to in their spare time. This means we know where they eat, what their favourite designers are and which beauty or cosmetic procedures they are advocates of.

Programmes like ‘The Only Way is Essex’ follow their characters through all aspects of their life, from when they go for a morning coffee, right through to when they are hitting the clubs in the small hours. Information about what procedures and pastimes are cool right now, are thrust upon us.

Botox® and other non-surgical treatments feature on this programme heavily and it has given non-invasive treatments more awareness than ever.

But there's no reason to be scared of them. Like our reality counterparts, many people across the country understand the huge benefits of a treatment like Botox and the positive effect that it can have on the patient's life. Each session takes only 20 minutes and once the treatment has been carried out, patients can head straight back into the workplace or continue on with their lives without any side-effects.

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