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Bathroom essentials for men

30th October 2012  : 

Few men remain under the illusion that they can get away with neglecting the health of their skin. They understand the pressure to stay looking young and healthy and know that the best way to do this is with the right skin care products, and there are few available that are better than the range from sk:n.

Start with sk:n's Vitamin Rich Cleanser, which is rich in vitamin anti-oxidants that fight against the free radicals that can do so much damage to your skin. Whether you have dry, oily, or normal skin, there is a version of this product with a unique formula that will suit you best and keep spots and other skin problems at bay.

There are also different versions of sk:n's Facial Exfoliating Cleanser for people looking to shed their dead skin cells for a fresher, healthier looking face. This product is perfect if you're trying to even out skin tone or soften wrinkles without turning to more expensive dermatology treatments.

Outside of the natural ageing process, exposure to sunlight is the biggest cause of dull and damaged looking skin. This is why it's essential you protect your skin from the harmful UV rays emitted from the sun. Two products in the sk:n range can help protect you from the sun: the dedicated Sunscreen SPF30 or the Moisturising Cream SPF30. While the moisturising cream is more expensive, it keeps the skin hydrated as well as protecting it from harmful UV rays.

Even when the rest of our skin glows, our eyes can often give us away. This is where a product like the Brightening and Firming Eye Cream comes in. Within a month of using this product you'll begin to see visible reductions in fine lines and wrinkles thanks to ingredients that encourage collagen production. Meanwhile, caffeine helps reduce puffiness for an alert, confident looking pair of eyes.

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