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A brief guide to Fraxel

19th October 2012  : 

Any dermatologist will tell you there are a number of anti-wrinkle treatments that can help you achieve younger looking skin - but which one is the best? One ground breaking treatment that can certainly make a claim to being the best is Fraxel, an innovative laser treatment that almost literally removes years from your skin by getting rid of old skin cells.

How does it work?

By removing dead skin cells the laser treatment encourages the natural production of collagen, which not only fills out fine lines and wrinkles but can also make your skin tone more even. As well as giving you younger skin it is also an effective way of treating acne scarring.

Will it work on my skin?

Unlike some wrinkle treatments, Fraxel can be used on all skin types on all areas of the body. This means that wherever your problem area is, there's a safe and effective way of gaining younger looking skin.

What can I expect before and after treatment?

Before treatment an anaesthetic cream will be applied to the area being treated to minimise any discomfort. After the treatment your skin may feel as though it has mild sunburn for a couple of hours. Some peeling in the days following treatment is also natural. You should avoid direct exposure to sunlight after the treatment or ensure you wear an SPF30 sunscreen.

How much does it cost?

Fraxel treatments are a cost-effective way to make your skin look younger and healthier, although the price will vary depending on the area of skin you want to treat. The condition of your skin will also affect the price - you may need more treatments to get the results you desire if your wrinkles are more severe.

What should I do next?

If you're considering Fraxel treatment the next step is to book a consultation with a dermatologist, so that a treatment tailored to your needs can be developed that will give you the younger looking skin you've always wanted.

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