Avoid the waiting game; get your mole checked at sk:n

29th November 2012

It used to be the case that when you had a mole you weren't happy with, you'd book in for a consultation with your GP and then wait to be seen. The NHS has changed its policy on mole removal and now, you can only have moles removed on the NHS if they are deemed harmful.

The issue is that the NHS is already squeezed to its limits and it takes a number of months to be seen by a doctor, await feedback and then potentially, have the mole removed.

During this time, most people are filled with worry and just want to know what's going on. When you have a biopsy, the average time you'll wait for the results is six to eight weeks.

With the NHS' new outlook on moles, private hospitals and clinics are now the best places to visit if you have a mole that you'd like checked and removed. sk:n is the UK's number one choice for skincare and they take on more mole removal consultations and treatments than any other clinic chain. You can rest assured that you are looked after by the best dermatologists in the country, in the most professional and trusted of environments.

sk:n endeavour to have moles checked, reviewed and removed in a matter of weeks (rather than months) and you will be left with peace of mind that you will be getting all the information you need sooner rather than later.

If you'd like more information about sk:n and the mole checking/removal process, please call one of their friendly team today on 0800 822 3305 or visit sknclinics.co.uk.

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