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Unlocking the combination

28th May 2012  : 

Combination skin type is one of the four main types of skin and arguably the most complex to keep in great condition. Thankfully there are a range of measures that will help take care of combination skin type.

The term comes from the way that many people's skin conditions can be neatly divided into dry, oily or 'normal' (which simply means well balanced with no significant characteristics.) Combination skin type means that different areas of your skin have notably different characteristics and it's even possible to have both oily and dry patches.

Combination skin is usually thought to be genetic, though it can be created artificially by using poor quality products that irritate the skin. This can have different effects on different parts of the face. Whatever the cause, the most common forms of combination skin involve having oily patches on the nose, forehead and possibly the chin, having dry patches on the cheeks, or both.

The first step to reducing the problems of combination skin is to try to cut out skin care products that could be worsening the problem. As well as avoiding low quality products, it's worth experimenting with not using particularly oily products or particularly absorbent products.

The next step is to consider using different products for different areas of the face. This may seem more fiddly and expensive, but it can really pay off in the long run.

If these tactics don't work, of if your combination skin has produced more serious effects such as acne, wrinkles or rosacea, it may be worth considering specialist cosmetic procedures. These can include microdermabrasion treatment or laser treatment depending on the severity of the problem. One big advantage with both of these is that they can be precisely targeted on the problem area, which is important when you have combination skin.

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