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Skin tight & correcting jowls

16th May 2012  : 

As we age, the dreaded jowls can start to happen to the best of us. Jowls are a condition where loose skin and fat hangs below the natural jawline, giving a saggy, weary appearance to the face. It's not necessarily only age that is the cause-it is one of those skin conditions that can also be brought on by excessive exposure to the sun and prolonged smoking, both of which do incredible damage to the skin. Happily, there are safe treatments available that help combat the jowls, leaving a fresher looking face. You can effectively have a jowl lift, without actual surgery using one of three highly effective treatments offered by sk:n clinics.

Another is thermage, a ground-breaking new technology where a radio frequency device is used to heat the deeper layers of skin, with stunning results. A single treatment can make a huge difference and give results that last for over six years.Other treatments include anti-wrinkle injections such as Botox, which provide a smoother complexion whilst boosting collagen in the skin.Clients may only briefly experience mild discomfort during this quick, safe procedure.You may also wish to look into minor surgical procedures which remove excess skin and fat from the jawline to correct jowls and leave a more youthful looking face. If you suffer from this condition and are seeking treatment, make sure you consult a true specialist who offers a free, no-obligation consultation, like those at sk:n clinics.

These treatments offer a safe, effective route to a tighter, neater jawline. Explore the options - by correcting your jowls you may give your face a whole new lease of life.

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