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Seasons and skin

31st May 2012  : 

Skin care is always a personal and unique challenge for everyone. After all, no two people have exactly the same skin or environment. However, skin care is also unique to the time of year. Summer sun and winter cold offer very different challenges, so make sure to keep the seasons in mind when dealing with your skin.

Summer Sun

Summer sun offers both benefits and challenges. Over-exposure to the sun can cause problems that range from obvious sunburn to more subtle sun damage such as fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin pigmentation. Skin conditions such as rosacea can also be worsened by sun exposure. Time spent at the pool or in the sea can strip the natural oils from the skin and cause dryness or a reactive overproduction of oils. However, some sunlight can be good for acne.

Autumn Rain

Wet and cold weather is not just unpleasant; it can really harm your skin. Getting caught out in the rain can cause your skin to become waterlogged, softening and rubbing painfully, and even becoming more easily damaged. Walking in wet shoes and socks can be very painful and cause sores and blisters.

Winter Cold

Colder temperatures can combine with low humidity to cause windburn, where your skin is stripped of natural oils. These oils filter UV radiation and when they are gone your skin in now more vulnerable to sunburn, despite the fact that the sun is not as strong as during the summer. These conditions can also strip the oils from the lips, causing them to dry out quickly and become chapped.

Spring Warmth

As the days become warmer you may start to shave areas of your body that had been hidden away during winter. Unprepared skin and unpractised hands can lead to painful razor burn.

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