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Bright eyes - the key to confidence

1st May 2012  : 

The eyes are said to be the window of the soul. We communicate with them, we offer reassurance, and we laugh, flirt and smile through our eyes. Which is why problems such as under eye spots can be a serious blow to our confidence?

Dark circles under eyes, irritated skin pigmentation and tired eyes can make you feel you're not at your best. There are a number of skin conditions that can cause troublesome issues but there are plenty of things you can do to help.

One of the most common types of under eye spots is milia. Milia are tiny cysts filled with keratin, a type of protein within the skin. They develop under the top layer of the skin (the epidermis) and can often appear round the eyes or on the cheeks. They sometimes look like whiteheads, but are not caused by acne and don't have the associated inflammation. But they can still cause discomfort, as well as embarrassment and frustration. Milia are caused by two main things: damage to the skin or underdeveloped oil glands. As a result, they are increasingly common as you age.

There is a huge array of cosmetic solutions available for white spots on face, depending on your skin condition. If you're suffering from milia around your eyes, resurfacing treatments such as skin peels and microdermabrasion are very effective.<

Skin peels use a chemical solution and microdermabrasion blasts fine sand against your complexion. This removes the epidermis and allows the skin beneath to regenerate and heal. You will find oil, dirt and other debris is cleared and cleansed.

Milia sufferers can opt for a procedure to remove the lumps of protein, debris or hair that have hardened under the skin. This will leave you with a clearer complexion and more confidence, with the under eye spots eradicated or greatly improved.

Ask a specialist consultant which treatment is right for you and let your eyes shine!

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