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Boost after - baby skin - Loose skin after pregnancy

11th May 2012  : 

PLEASE NOTE: the below article is for information purposes only. sk:n do not treat stretch marks as a condition.

Being pregnant is an amazing time for a woman and when you deliver your newborn offspring into the world it feels like nothing else on earth. However, after the pregnancy dust has settled, many women are left feeling, quite literally, very out of shape. Carrying a baby for nine months and the ensuing labour leaves many women with unsightly stretch marks and loose skin after they have given birth.

1. Dealing with Stretch Marks - The livid red or purple marks that characterise stretch marks are caused by tearing within the skin's deeper layers when rapid stretching occurs, e.g. during pregnancy or weight gain. They can appear on several key areas of the body, most commonly the hips, abdomen, thighs, breasts, bottom, back and arms.

2. Skin Tightening - After giving birth, many new mums can be left with loose skin, even after they have worked hard to regain their pre-pregnancy figure.There are skin tightening treatments available, where lasers can be used to boost collagen and plump skin whilst reducing sagging, looseness and lines, or high frequency radio waves can also be used to the same end. These treatments have immediate results which can dramatically improve over a course of six weeks or more.

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