Blogs from May 2012

  • Seasons and skin

    Skin care is always a personal and unique challenge for everyone. After all, no two people have exactly the same skin or environment. However, skin care is also unique to the time of year. Summer sun and winter cold offer very different challenges, so make sure to keep the seasons in mind when dealing with your skin.... read more

  • Finding your skin type

    When looking at skin care products and clinic skin treatments you will often see indications of what 'type' of skin they are suitable for. If you are wondering what type of skin you have, there is a simple way to find out. Just wipe your face with a clean paper tissue as soon as you wake up in the morning.... read more

  • Unlocking the combination

    Combination skin type is one of the four main types of skin and arguably the most complex to keep in great condition. Thankfully there are a range of measures that will help take care of combination skin type.... read more

  • Dark side of tanning

    You might not realise it, but there really is no such thing as a 'healthy' tan. When you understand how a tan works you will see that protecting yourself from the sun is always a good idea.... read more

  • Give your hands a helping hand & help to appear sensationally smooth and soft

    Let's face it, everyday life is not kind to your hands. Tasks such as cooking, cleaning and gardening can cause skin to become dry and flaky. Additionally, frequent hand washing and the use of harsh detergents and soaps can leave you with painfully cracked skin.... read more

  • Liver spots - not a problem anymore

    Despite the name, liver spots are actually nothing to do with your liver. They have the name because they are a similar colour to liver and because they were once thought to be caused by liver problems. However, we now know this is not the case.... read more

  • Facing up to body acne

    We normally think of acne as a condition of the face (hence the snide references to 'pimple-faced teenagers', but not only can it affect people of any age, it can appear in several areas.... read more

  • Sun tan season

    It's the summer, right? With all the rain around, you might be worried you're not going to get a sun tan this year. Well, think again. It's possible to get a sun tan all year round, and in many different weather conditions, with the sun's UV rays able to break through clouds, and becoming more powerful in extreme weathers, like howling winds on a hot day or sunshine reflecting off snow.... read more

  • Skincare dos and don'ts

    The Dos and Do Nots of skin care. Do have a balanced diet. Many physical effects from food, including skin problems, come from having too much or too little of a particular type of food. Don't use too much moisturiser. Thick creams can actually make it harder for your skin to absorb moisture, creating the very problems you are trying to avoid.... read more

  • Food for glowing skin

    As the saying goes, you are what you eat, and your skin is often the outward reflection of what you put into your body. Skin care is about more than the skin treatments that you put on your skin, so add these foods to your diet to make your skin look its best.... read more

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