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Visit sk:n specialist to avoid the risks of overdoing skin treatments at home

20th March 2012  : 

Looking good has always been a desirable for both women and men, and with the range of skin treatments that are available at home, it has never been easier or cheaper to perform a number of beauty treatments in the comfort of your own home. However, while these treatments are perfectly safe in small doses, using them too much at home can cause problems.

Skin Peels

One of the most common complaints that arise from excessive beauty treatments is peeling skin. Such treatments are used to remove old skin that has become worn and torn, allowing new skin to grow underneath. However, excessive treatment leads to even new skin peeling away, resulting in an unattractive and unhealthy amount of skin peel.

Over Exfoliating

Similarly to skin peel, using an exfoliator in healthy amounts clear dead skin away and allow new tissue to grow. Occasionally people go overboard with exfoliating and actually damage their skin. Typical symptoms of excessive exfoliating are sensitive skin, dryness and red areas, as well as even sore eyes if it is done on the face.

Second Grade Burns

Ok, this is an extreme example, but do-it-yourself home kits have been known to provide acute burning and searing sensations in patients. Many of these kits contain alkali solutions, aimed at penetrating through tough areas of skin. However, if they are left too long they can start to burn and cause serious problems. Although you can read the instructions to minimise this damage, different kits have different alkali levels so it can be hard to know exactly how long is too long.

How to Avoid These Issues

The best way to make sure your skin stays healthy is to visit a skin specialist first. They will be able to help you with all your skin problems, whether you need full laser skin resurfacing or just a simple touch up.

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