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Spring clean your skin

7th March 2012  : 

As the evenings grow lighter and the weather improves, spring is always a time for change. We feel motivated to clean the house, spruce up the garden and even splash out on a new wardrobe. But there's actually a way in which you can take looking fresh and new even more literally: rejuvenating your skin.

Skin peels are an amazing way to revitalise your look in a safe but effective manner that's right for you. A treatment can take as little as 15 minutes, and it only takes a few treatments to have a long-lasting effect. Many clinics offer discounts for multiple treatment courses.

The beauty of skin peels (if you'll pardon the pun) is that there are numerous different solutions to deal with individual needs. For example, some people simply want to freshen up tired skin and get a younger-looking appearance. Others are looking to undo the effects of past sun damage such as wrinkles. And some want to deal with specific issues such as blotches, acne or uneven pigmentation. A range of different treatments can solve these problems in an effective, non-harmful manner.

While each treatment varies, there are some common features. Generally there'll be an exfoliator effect, which safely and gently removes dead or tried skin from the surface, allowing fresh cells to come to the surface. The treatment will often also stimulate the body's natural production of collagen, which makes for soft but plump skin. The strength of these two effects will depend on your particular needs and the treatment or treatments that you choose.

Of course, a chemical peel isn't something to mess about with, which is why visiting a reputable clinic with qualified staff is the way to go. They can take the time to talk to you and help you decide which treatment is appropriate.

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