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Skin procedures that you need for your wedding day

15th March 2012  : 

As you prepare for the happiest day of your life, there are some obvious points of appearance to take care of: your dress, your hair and your make-up. But in the quest for perfection, many women are now using their wedding as inspiration for cosmetic treatments to make sure they look their best.

One example is laser hair removal, which certainly makes sense given that white or other pale dresses could make body hair stand out more than usual. Unlike waxing or shaving, the treatment has a long-lasting effect, meaning you can get it done well in advance of a wedding and then no longer have to worry about getting the timing right at the last minute. Though the treatment isn't cheap, most professional clinics offer variable pricing, so you can very easily treat just a specific area such as forearms.

Skin peels are also popular, probably because they truly give your skin a radiant look to suit your proud mood. The chemical treatment works very simply: it exfoliates tired and aged cells on the skin surface, leaving fresh and unblemished cells to take their place.

Such techniques, also known as a chemical peel, are most commonly used on the face: despite the name, they are gentle enough not to cause any damage to sensitive areas of skin. The treatment can also be used on the neck and the hands, which means the inevitable photographs of your new ring will be truly flawless.

Acne treatment can also be worth considering if you are self-conscious about your skin. Unlike many advanced cosmetic treatments, this can be carried out at home rather than having to be done at a clinic: useful if you're on a busy schedule. A good option is a multi-treatment pack. This includes a series of microdermabrasian treatments that exfoliate the skin, combined with products such as glycolic acid that held reduce your skin's natural oil production, reducing or removing future acne.

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