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Manscaping - Laser Hair Removal isn't just for the ladies

24th March 2012  : 

The modern man likes to look his best - and with so many top quality, accessible treatments around, it's not difficult to see why.

Laser hair removal is a fast-growing trend among men, as it not only helps improve their appearance, but also makes every day grooming that little bit easier.

So, whether you would rather see the back of unsightly chest hair, or fancy having a tuft removed from your ear, there is a service to make this happen.

What areas of the body can we treat?

The beauty of hair removal for men is that it can be carried out on various parts of the body.

Experts will be able to advice on the best course of treatment for your needs; we have a team of nurses, consultants and doctors who all have the expertise to offer you the best guidance.

Back hair removal for men is one of the most popular treatments, as this is an area that many men find difficult to keep under control.

Although waxing and shaving may offer a short-term solution, it will not help prevent re-growth quite in the same way that laser hair removal can.

How does laser hair removal work?

Let's face it, many of us are slightly frightened of the idea of laser hair removal, not least because we have images of being strapped beneath a space-age laser beam, waiting for a blast of heat.

Be rest assured that many past clients have commented on just how painless the procedure is, making it a convenient way to remove any unwanted hair.

Laser hair removal works by directing a beam to the base of the follicle, with the light converted into heat and absorbed by the cells it is targeting.

This makes sure the hair is unable to regrow, leaving you perfectly preened - or should that be 'manscaped'?

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