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Give your feet the care they deserve

18th March 2012  : 

Looking in the mirror every day, obsessing over crow's feet, eye-bags and blemishes, most of us focus our time and money on our facial care. Our exposed skin takes priority and perhaps many of us would rather spend money on wrinkle treatments and laser hair removal than caring for the bits no one sees.

Our feet certainly don't get much attention and are very much neglected during the winter months, shoved into socks and expected to function normally. However, unhappy feet can result in infections, callouses and bad posture.

There are a variety of treatment options available to give your feet the care they deserve including pedicures, chiropody and reflexology.

Why not treat yourself to a pedicure? A pedicurist removes dead skin, softens hard areas, shapes and treats toe-nails, and often massages the skin using softening oils and creams. Combined with massage using essential oils, a pedicure can also help lower stress levels, as well as helping your posture by relieving muscular tension.

For a budget version at home, soak feet in a basin of warm water with a few drops of rosemary and peppermint essential oils to relax and refresh. After 15 minutes use a handful of sea salt grains to give hard skin a good scrub, or a pumice stone if you prefer. Afterwards, slather on some foot cream, or for a quick home-made version, use moisturiser with a drop of peppermint, tea tree or eucalyptus oil. Then, with your fingers massage each foot in circular motions several times, focusing on the ball of the foot to relieve stress and induce relaxation. The same can be done to the toes and around the ankles.

Good foot care helps to prevent callouses, in-growing toe nails and related infections, while alleviating stress, which may actually help with those wrinkles!

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