Blogs from March 2012

  • Make your skin look perfect this summer

    We've all been there: the sun is out, you've pulled the gorgeous strappy dress from the back of the wardrobe and you can't wait to put it on. But as you look in the mirror, you sigh and cover up instead.... read more

  • Manscaping - Laser Hair Removal isn't just for the ladies

    The modern man likes to look his best - and with so many top quality, accessible treatments around, it's not difficult to see why. Laser hair removal is a fast-growing trend among men, as it not only helps improve their appearance, but also makes every day grooming that little bit easier.... read more

  • Perfect Easter L'Eggs

    With Easter just around the corner, many of you will no doubt be planning special events to make the most of the long weekend. Whether you've got a party in the pipeline, or are having friends and family round for dinner, you are sure to want to look your best.... read more

  • Visit sk:n specialist to avoid the risks of overdoing skin treatments at home

    Looking good has always been a desirable for both women and men, and with the range of skin treatments that are available at home, it has never been easier or cheaper to perform a number of beauty treatments in the comfort of your own home.... read more

  • Give your feet the care they deserve

    Looking in the mirror every day, obsessing over crow's feet, eye-bags and blemishes, most of us focus our time and money on our facial care.... read more

  • Look perfect for your prom

    It's a big event, and it's no surprise that you’ll want to look your best on the day, but before you get ready to glam-up you need to think ahead. Luckily sk:n is on hand to help.... read more

  • Skin procedures that you need for your wedding day

    As you prepare for the happiest day of your life, there are some obvious points of appearance to take care of: your dress, your hair and your make-up. But in the quest for perfection, many women are now using their wedding as inspiration for cosmetic treatments to make sure they look their best.... read more

  • Suffering from PCOS - Laser Hair Removal is here!

    While it's by no means the biggest medical issue, one of the most visible effects of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is excessive and unwanted body hair. Laser hair removal is one of the most effective ways to treat this side effect, so is at least worth considering.... read more

  • Bikini line hair removal treatments for summer

    Summer is on its way and that means one thing-sleeveless tops, shorts, mini skirts, bikinis and flip-flops. It's a season to be comfortable in your own skin, because chances are there'll be a lot more of it on show!

    ... read more

  • Skin treatments for Men and Women

    Here's a quick guide to some of the options available at sk:n clinics that are suitable for men and women and will ensure that you are summer ready.... read more

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