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Why use sunscreen

12nd June 2012  : 

A deep tan has been in fashion for decades now, but for truly beautiful skin sunscreen is an essential part of any day to day skin care routine.

Sunscreen protects against some of the ultraviolet (UV) radiation in sunlight. Without this protection, UV radiation can cause a number of unwanted health and beauty effects such as:

  • An increased likelihood of developing skin cancers.
  • Damage to the collagen fibres of the skin, leading to increased wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of ageing. This can lead many people to use skin peels in order to stimulate the growth of new collagen.
  • Painful sunburn that may blister.
  • Uneven pigmentation changes on your skin known as 'sun spots'.

Direct exposure to UV radiation can also exacerbate certain diseases and skin conditions such as rosacea and systemic lupus erythematosus.

When to wear sunscreen?

Even those who understand the importance of wearing sunscreen on sunny days when there is a risk of sunburn may not realize that it should also be worn on cloudy days. After all, who gets sunburn when there are clouds in the sky? While sunburn can be one of the most obvious signs that UV radiation is affecting your skin, this does not mean that no sunburn is the same as no sun damage. Even on cloudy days, the daylight that is hitting your skin contains UV radiation. While it may not be enough to cause sunburn, it is still damaging the collagen fibres of your skin and accelerating ageing.

Wearing sunscreen is a simple and easy way to make a big difference to the health and beauty of your skin. Not only does sunscreen help to protect you from skin cancers, it also helps to keep your skin looking more youthful, preserving the natural beauty of your complexion.

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