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Staying soft and supple - treating dry skin

6th June 2012  : 

The problem of dry skin is a common one, affecting around 20% of people at some time.Particularly affecting the face and hands, it can be unsightly or uncomfortable and may impact on the sufferer's confidence if left untreated.It occurs when there is not enough sebum to keeps skin naturally moist, which can become an issue as people age. It may also be a symptom of chronic skin conditions like eczema, where skin can redden and chap, becoming sore and requiring medical treatment. Wherever you lie on the dry skin spectrum, there are a number of ways in which you can improve the condition of your skin.

Firstly, make sure you use skin care products which are especially formulated for dry skin. Use a good quality moisturising facial wash rather than ordinary soap to wash your face, as the latter can be very drying to some skins. Likewise, a gentle handwash is better for cleansing than harsh soap when you already suffer dryness in this area. Moreover, avoid cleansing products with alcohol or perfume in, as these can further dry out the skin. A product like sk:n Vitamin Rich Cleanser is perfect for dry skin.

You should certainly make first-class moisturisers and great hand creams part your daily skin care regime.The average lightweight moisturiser may do little for your skin, so shop around for one that specialises in keeping your type of skin at its most supple. The Avene range supplied by sk:n clinics maximises the water levels in the skin so is ideal for dry complexions use both the Hydrance Optimale for the face and the Cold Hand Cream.

Crucially, you must listen to your dry skin.Don't exfoliate when the skin is already showing signs of irritation, for example, and be particularly generous with the moisturiser if your skin seems to need more on one day than another. Treat your skin well and it will reward you by looking and feeling better than ever.

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