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Smoothly does it: Easy facial hair removal

14th June 2012  : 

There is nothing to set off a fresh, glowing complexion better than smooth, hairless skin. Whilst hair obviously has its place, many of us regularly make efforts to remove it from our upper lips, or chins, or wherever else unwanted hair appears. It can become an increasing problem as we age, all the more reason to explore safe, reliable methods for removing unwanted facial hair as soon as it occurs.

Happily, there are number of tried and tested methods for keeping your face hair-free.

  1. Plucking or threading -This is mainly used for removing excess hair from the eyebrow area. Tweezers or wound threads extract each hair by pulling it out from its follicle. A neat solution, but it can sting a little and will need to be repeated after a few days.
  2. Depilatory creams -Hair removal creams can be a cheap, easy way to rid yourself of unwanted hair you simply apply it for a few minutes and then wash away the cream and unwanted hair.However, even the sensitive versions can prove too harsh for some faces and there is a risk of a reaction, as well as regrowth within days.
  3. Waxing - Famously a bit painful, waxing removes hair by its root. Swift, if a little sticky, the results can last for a few weeks. However waxing is not always suitable for delicate skins, which can suffer redness or irritation.
  4. Laser Hair Removal - Many swear by Laser Hair Removal treatments at sk:n clinics. Safe and practically painless, the skin is soothed with cool gel or air, and then lasered for up to 45 minutes. Hair growth is stopped for up to 6 weeks and if you repeat treatments for 8 months the effects could be permanent. If you consider the Laser Hair Removal cost, it is excellent value as you could stay hairless in the treated area forever. Most Laser Hair Removal reviews agree that fans of this treatment would not use another method.
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