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Summer beauty on a budget - skin care that won't break the bank

4th June 2012  : 

As the promise of long, sultry, summer days with their bright blue skies becomes a reality, our thoughts turn to ways we can stay looking good as the temperature rises. Warm days often means wearing a little less and showing off our skin a little more, so it is vital to keep it in tip top condition. We may plan to look great in our bikinis or wow the locals in a fabulous maxi, but we need to pay at least as much attention to our summer skin as we do to our summer wardrobe. Sounds expensive? Not with key skin treatments which are highly effective but don't cost a fortune.

Laser Hair Removal - This is an effortless way to remain smooth and hair-free for the entire peak of the summer season. The treatment prevents follicles growing and can the outstanding results can last up to 6 weeks. At sk:n clinics, prices start at just £39 for eyebrows or earlobes (rising for larger areas treated). Include the fact that a course of treatments can result in the permanent removal of hair and this skin treatment is excellent value.

Botox® - This skin-smoothing, wrinkle-busting treatment is hugely popular thanks to the fantastic results it offers. The perfect way to look your freshest and most youthful this summer, Botox comprises tiny, light injections into the skin which are highly effective and also inexpensive. Safe, professional treatments at sk:n clinics are available from only £115, following a free consultation, a very reasonable price.

Microdermabrasion - A treatment that uses a blast of microcrystals to remove the tired upper layer of skin and leave you looking dewy and even fresher than before, this painless treatment is also extremely cost-effective, with prices starting at £45. Treat yourself to a course at a sk:n clinics and feel on top of the world as the days warm and brighten.

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