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Safe sun tan - Preventing delicate body parts from sun damage

7th June 2012  : 

Many people think of a golden tan as an essential element of their appearance, while still others want just a little colour. Some people also spend time in the sun due to the beneficial effects it can have on certain skin conditions like acne. Whether you are a sun-tan fanatic or an occasional dabbler, take these tips on board so that you can get your tan without damaging your eyes, lips and hair.


The same ultraviolet (UV) radiation that gives you a tan can also damage your eyes, even contributing to the formation of cataracts. When you are in sunlight or on a tanning bed for a prolonged period of time it is important to keep your eyes protected. Smearing sun screen on your eyeballs would not be very pleasant! Instead, invest in protective eyeglasses. Make sure that they block UVB radiation and that they offer full coverage of the eye, as harmful radiation can enter by the side as well as the front.


Lips also require skin care and protection from the sun. Sun damaged skin on the lips can be very painful and unsightly. Special lip balms with SPF protection in various strengths are widely available. Make sure to reapply the lip balm regularly, as it is easy to remove the protection through unconscious movements of your mouth and lips.


Hair can also be damaged by the sun's radiation, becoming dry, brittle, frizzy and featuring split ends and weakness. Options for protecting your hair include wearing a hat that covers your hair, braiding and twisting your hair to minimize the amount that is exposed to the sun or tanning bed rays, using styling aids that contain SPF, or even making your own spritzing spray from a high SPF sun screen diluted in a cup of water. Just put in a spray bottle and apply regularly to your hair.

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