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How to avoid getting tan lines?

8th June 2012  : 

Nothing spoils the look of a tan more than a series of tan lines. Whether you have been sunbathing on holiday or simply spending time outside during the summer, tan lines can develop in the strangest places and, depending on your choice of outfit, can all too easily spoil an otherwise perfect look.

The best way to avoid tan lines is to avoid tanning at all. Using a good quality sun screen with a high SPF factor will ensure you retain your natural skin tone. Always read the instructions carefully as some products need to be applied 30 minutes before any sun exposure in order to be effective. Remember too that UV radiation, the part of sunlight that causes produces a sun tan can pass through some clothing so sun screen should be applied all over, not just on exposed parts. You may also need to reapply the cream if you sweat heavily or go swimming.

If you simply can't do without that golden glow, you can always find a place where you can tan naked, either on a nude beach or at a tanning salon. Using sun block will reduce your chance of suffering from some of the negative effects of UV exposure but will not protect you completely. Sun damaged skin can cause uneven pigmentation, leading to a patchy appearance, and has also been linked to premature ageing and skin conditions such as age spots and skin cancer.

The safest way to avoid tan lines yet still achieve that all-over golden glow is to investigate the wide range of self tanning methods that are now available. These sophisticated products can produce the look of a two week holiday in the sun without any of the associated health risks. At sk:n our consultants can advise you on tanning method that will suit you best and also help prepare your skin so you achieve the best possible results.

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