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Give stretch marks the brush off

16th June 2012  : 

PLEASE NOTE: The below article is for information purposes only. sk:n do not treat stretch marks as a condition.

We all want to feel the best in our own skin but often skin conditions such as stretch marks can make us feel uncomfortable and awkward, especially in our summer clothes.

Stretch marks are extremely common in men and women of all ages. They occur during periods of rapid growth, where the skin is not able to keep up with the body's rapid changes. This can be anything from a teenage growth spurt to the effects of pregnancy on a woman's figure.

These blemishes are often found on the stomach, arms, thighs and bottom area. The lower layers of the skin (the dermis) can tear and rupture, creating red or purple marks beneath the surface, which then fade to a white or silver scar. Skin with high levels of collagen is more likely to adapt without damage, meaning that stretch marks an inevitable side effect of ageing.

While stretch marks can appear unsightly and make you feel conscious about your appearance, there is no reason to struggle on and feel self-conscious. There are a range of treatments, including microdermabrasion, that can lessen and remove the appearance of stretch marks.

Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic treatment that uses fine crystals as an exfoliant. These particles are blasted at the skin's surface to remove the epidermis. Once the upper layers of the skin are removed, healing and collagen production are stimulated, healing the tears in the dermis and smoothing your complexion. The stimulation of collagen will make your skin plump, taught and rejuvenated.

Results are dependent on the severity of your condition and more than one treatment may be needed. Alternatively, you might find that skin peel or laser treatment most appropriate for your needs. A specialist skin consultant will be able to advise what is best for your skin condition.

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