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Get that sun kissed glow - the safe way

22nd June 2012  : 

Everyone knows one way to look slim, toned and super-confident is to show off beautifully sun-kissed skin. As well as giving you a wonderful glow, responsible tanning can actually help some skin conditions. However, there are some inherent risks in tanning, as your skin can be damaged by over exposure to UV rays. So what should you do to keep yourself safe?

First of all, you need to choose between natural tanning, sunbeds or self-tanning products.

Natural tanning is great as it's an opportunity to get out into the open air. However, it can be a bit hit and miss especially in the UK! And in the intense heat of foreign climbs, excessive sweating can make it a less-than-pleasant experience.

If you do choose to go au natural, always wear a sun lotion with at least SPF 15. Take regular breaks, keep yourself hydrated and wear a hat and sunglasses to protect your head and eyes.

Using a sun bed is a more reliable method of traditional tanning than waiting for the British weather to catch up. This delivers more concentrated bursts of UV rays as a result; you have to be careful not to use the machines too long or too often.

When you first start using sunbeds, you should limit your sessions to between one to three minutes. Tanning salons allow up to 12-minute sessions using beds for this length of time straight off will result in skin damage, including burns and potentially heat stroke.

You can gradually raise the length of time you use the beds, but you should never exceed the 12-minute limit. Also limit the number of sessions you have annually in order to protect yourself.

If you want to avoid sun damaged skin altogether, one of the safest ways is to use tanning products. Self-tanners and tinted moisturiser gives a glow without any risk of UV exposure as well as hiding blemishes and imperfections.

To get ready for the summer, speak to a specialist who will recommend the best tanning solution for you.

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