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26th June 2012  : 

Verrucae are one of the skin conditions that tend to appear on the soles of the feet. Also known as plantar warts, they are flat, thick areas of skin with a small black dot in the centre. They can be very painful and sore to stand upon. They are also highly contagious and are often spread in places where people walk around barefoot, such as public swimming pools.

Eventually most verrucae go away after some time, but many people seek their removal as they are painful and unsightly. Sk:n clinics offer a safe, effective and relatively painless treatment that will remove the verruca and restore the skin to its softest and most flawless condition.

At sk:n clinics, the Verrucae removal treatment uses a pulsed dye laser, which is highly effective in removing the offending flaw. This pulsed dye laser is uniquely well-suited to the task as it targets and treats the only infected area without damaging the surrounding skin. It manages to accurately target the blood vessels that have been infected by the plantar wart virus. It heats up the infected area, seals the blood supply to the verruca and starves it, so that it dries up and eventually falls off.

How Successful is the Laser Treatment for Verruca?

The Verruca removal treatment at sk:n clinics is highly effective and extremely safe. In fact, it even reduces the chance of infection afterwards as it leaves no open lesions. It can be used to treat even the most stubborn of verrucae although the largest and most ingrained may require several treatments for permanent removal.

The experts at sk:n clinics have over 20 years of experience in treating verrucae. They use only the latest techniques and most state-of-the-art equipment to provide very successful, proven treatments to clients with a wide range of skin types and requirements. If you wish to discuss a verruca, please book a consultation with a sk:n clinics expert who will give expert and friendly advice.

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