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Beautiful feet for summer

3rd June 2012  : 

When winter ends and thought turn to the summertime many people begin to lavish attention on their legs. After all, at the beach and in the town short skirts and shorts will start to show off those legs that have been hidden away in trousers and tights during the colder months. When pampering your legs, don't forget about spending some time on skin care for your feet! Peep-toe shoes, strappy sandals and padding about on the beach all mean that your toes will be on show.

Skin Treatments for Feet

Uneven skin pigmentation and sun damage can be upsetting no matter where it is on your body. Many treatments from microdermabrasion to chemical skin peels and laser skin resurfacing can be used to minimize the appearance of these skin conditions.

If you have a verruca on your foot there is no need to despair, laser treatments make for efficient treatment of this nasty and unsightly condition.

Pamper Yourself

Often getting beautiful feet is simply a matter of giving them some attention. Consider the amount of time that you spend looking after the skin on your face. Do you give your feet even half that much attention? If not, is it any wonder that they might not look as good?

Take the time to give your feet a little bit of pampering. Get yourself a pedicure or do it yourself at home. Even just a bit of nail polish can brighten up your whole foot! For rough or dry skin use a pumice stone after a shower, then slather your feet in vaseline, pop on some socks and leave them on overnight for lovely soft feet in the morning.

Pampering your face with skin peels and other skin treatments is all very well, but don't forget to treat your hard working feet to a bit of pampering!

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