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Tattoos: tasteful or tacky?

25th July 2012

Many of us have those moments when the notion of having a tattoo crosses our minds. It could be on a wild weekend in Ibiza or a poignant moment which starts the cogs ticking about wanting a tattoo. But in reality do we always know what we're letting ourselves in for?

Tattoos can be creative forms of art that truly mean something to the individual and to most people that's where the buck stops - it's about them being individual, but this isn't always the case. sk:n is here to help people who have fallen out of love with their tattoos or feel that it was a mistake they now regret.

Interestingly on the 3rd July 2012 ITV's This Morning television programme decided to look at the matter of tattoos in more detail with Jodie Marsh, a firm advocate of tattoos and psychologist Marisa Peer whose daughter recently made the decision to have a tattoo against her mother's wishes. Both went on the show to share their own experiences of tattoos and to discuss their different opinions.

Marisa Peer said: “Everyone I know regrets having them. They say I really wish I hadn't had it done, and they take minutes to put on and years to remove.”

The debate caused an influx of tweets offering opinions about the subject but after a vote, 61 per cent of people felt that tattoos were tasteful rather than tacky.

Whatever your stance on tattoos, sk:n have a range of specialised laser tattoo removal treatments that offer a permanent solution to people who are looking for information on removing them. But not only that, right now they are offering up to 50 per cent off on selected laser tattoo removal treatments.

For more information about sk:n's treatments or to speak to one of their friendly team - call today on 0800 822 3306 or book a consultation here.

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