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How soon do you see the results after red vein removal on legs

7th July 2012  : 

Red veins are one of the most common skin conditions that people suffer from, though cases varying in their severity. These veins can occur on the face and neck, but it is the spider type veins that appear on people's legs that most often cause embarrassment or damage confidence. Because they can be hard to disguise even with fake tan or make up, those who have suffer with thread veins on their legs can find their whole wardrobe revolves around dressing to hide these marks.

Is there a non-surgical treatment?

Thread vein removal is a solution explored by people who have more often than not suffered from years of this type of inconvenience and want to free themselves and their legs from the extra hassle. There are two options available for those who want to rid themselves of the small red veins often referred to as Telangiectasia and both courses of treatment and their recovery time are surprisingly quick.

The first removal method - photothermolysis - involves blasting the affected area with a laser in short bursts to avoid damaging the skin. This causes the blood in the veins to coagulate and then to disappear, though the short bursts stop the surrounding skin from suffering damage. Veins become clearer and less defined after just one treatment, though those who are most affected by the problem may find they require a few sessions. Patients say the procedure is not painful and is comparable with being pinged by an elastic band on your skin.

The second course of action is to have a solution injected into the veins and this is called scelotherapy. Again it is a fact acting treatment and although the injections are said to be uncomfortable it should not be painful.


One of the most surprising things about these treatments is that unlike many other cosmetic procedures, patients are free to leave as soon as a session finishes. Although there may be some redness and slight bruising in the immediate aftermath of treatment, this is only temporary and recovery time is near non-existent. Patients are free to go back home or to work after treatment, though they are advised to avoid direct sun, heat treatments and saunas for the next 24 hours.

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